The Bible of Vhaera

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 About the project

Draw with sounds

Vhaera is a passionate and committed music professional, producer and a Dj. Growing up amongst the vibrant and diverse music scene in Israel, was an environment full of inspiration and stimulation for Vhaera to feed off.

Explore the jorney and be a part of a never-ending story of art.

The first volume of an ongoing journey is REBORN , The first volume of The Bible.

The story is written and drawn during every breath we take.

​Each piece is accompanied by a drawing of the sounds on canvas, the project takes the person on a journey through the three senses, sight, hearing and his mind.

The world is a huge canvas on which we draw the history of our lives.

​All started from nothing.​

we were nothing once and look what a beautiful creatures we’ve become.
This is art, we are art.

This is my shotgun for you all.

Do what you love, Dream big, Jump deep 

Because it’s you,
The only thing that’s standing between dreams and reality is you.
are you ready?

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